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Commissie van experts presenteert uitkomsten onderzoek Europees contractrecht (en)

An expert group established by the European Commission has today delivered a feasibility study on a future initiative on European contract law. In April 2010, the Commission convened the group, made up of legal practitioners, former judges and academics from across the European Union, to explore ways to improve contract law in the EU (IP/10/585). The group met monthly and regularly discussed its work with representatives of businesses - including small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs) - consumer organisations and legal professionals. Observers from the European Parliament and the Council also participated. The study covers the most relevant practical issues in a contractual relationship, such as legal rights for faulty goods and rules on which contract terms may be unfair. Following today’s publication, interested parties can send their feedback on the individual articles drafted by the expert group until 1 July 2011. The Commission will take into account this input, as well as the results of a public consultation concluded in January 2011 (MEMO/11/55). As a next step, the Commission will have to determine if and to what extent the expert group’s text can serve as a starting point for a political follow-up initiative on European contract law.

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