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Implementing the Structural Funds Regulations: Comparing 2014-2020 with 2007-2013, Maastricht

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Target group

The seminar is aimed at all economic actors in the Structural Funds policy-making and implementation process, including Managing authorities, national, regional and local officials or representatives, agencies with an economic development role (such as regional development agencies), educational and training establishments, and other local partners, including consultants and NGOs.


This seminar is a two-day event and will be dedicated to looking at the proposed changes to the Structural Funds regulations for 2014-2020, and to issues relating to the current and future implementation of operational programmes. It will include detailed sessions on how programming, management and financial rules are expected to change, highlighting financial management, financial control and audit procedures. The seminar will examine evaluation and monitoring requirements, in particular the ex ante evaluation of programmes and generating indicators for the new performance framework. We will also consider changes to grant calculations for revenue generating projects.

Learning methodology

The seminar will consist of a series of illustrated presentations given by European Commission officials, regional practitioners and expert consultants. Ample time will be available for question and answer sessions, discussions and exchanges of experience. There will be a roundtable discussion with experts and practical workshops on revenue generating projects and programme spend (n+2 / n+3).


At the end of the seminar, participants should have a clear understanding of what changes are being proposed for the new programming period and how these address the challenges that have been faced in the current programming period . This includes reference to detailed management procedures and best practices for implementation, as well as the use of tools to measure the effects of interventions.

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European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA)

Het Europees instituut voor bestuurskunde (beter bekend als The European Institute of Public Administration - ofwel EIPA) streeft ernaar om de kennis van ambtenaren die zich met de EU bezighouden te vergroten door het ontwikkelen en organiseren van trainingen. Het instituut wil wetenschappelijke kennis en praktische 'know–how' met elkaar verbinden. EIPA bestaat al meer dan 35 jaar.

Het hoofdkantoor van EIPA is gevestigd in Maastricht en heeft dependances in Luxemburg en Barcelona. Gemiddeld nemen 14.000 nationale en Europese ambtenaren per jaar deel aan de trainingen. Daarnaast biedt EIPA ook consultancy, onderzoek en op maat gemaakte programma’s/trainingen aan. Bij EIPA werken circa 120 hoogopgeleide medewerkers.


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