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Lecture 7 - Cyberspace and ‘trending topics’

What are the trending topics in politics? The economy, employment, energy, immigration, safety, all issues compete for attention.

When ‘new’ and ‘hot’ issues hit the headlines and enter the political agenda, they often push ‘old’ issues aside. How are such issues detected, what are the consequences for agenda setting, and what policy responses follow?

The Lecture Series 'Big Issues of Governance Today and Tomorrow' organized by the Montesquieu Institute, Campus The Hague, provides a better understanding of the way in which major policy problems emerge and dissolve.

This course will provide with an insight in the conditions promoting or hindering an issue to reach the governmental agenda and become prominent in policy making. After this series, the participants will have a better sense of the issues that will be central in attention in the time to come.

In our seventh lecure, Gideon Shimshon will talk about "Cyberspace and trending topics".



Gideon Shimshon and Arco Timmermans
Gideon Shimshon
The audience listens attentively to Gideon Shimshon
Gideon Shimshon and the audience