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MI zoekt gemotiveerde onderzoeksstagiair voor de zomerperiode (EN)

woensdag 22 juni 2011, 11:22


Research Internship

EU venues and actors project constitutes a part of larger research program conducted at the MI. The project codes statements regarding EU policies and political actors in the major European newspapers. Interns will be involved in collecting data for a dataset on EU policy-making.

The internship will provide an opportunity to gain experience in working with the state of the art content analysis software and quantitative data collection. Interns will have access to the facilities available at the MI but can also conduct a large portion of their work from home.

Internship duration: July 1st to August 31st.

Internship Requirements:


Fluency in English is required.


Currently enrolled in a university or a university graduate.


Previous experience with coding quantitative or collecting qualitative data is an advantage.


Elementary familiarity with EU affairs and institutions is an advantage.


Basic computer skills (Word processing, Excel).

Prospective applicants should send their updated CV and motivation letter to Dr. Lucie Spanihelova at or by July 1st.