Poland and the European democracy

Vlag van de EU

Since 2004, Poland has been a member of the European Union. What is the state of the country, nearly 10 years after the Polish accession? What does the EU-membership mean for the Polish national democracy and the European democracy?

On the 25th of March, the Montesquieu Institute and newspaper Trouw organised a debate on the issue of Poland and the European democracy. Are there any conflicts between the national and European democracy? What lessons can be learned from the Polish case?

Sidonia Jędrzejewska, member of the European Parliament and Leszek Jesień elaborated on the European democracy in Poland and the EU. This debate is part of the debate series 'The State of the European Democracy'.

Poles have more trust in the European Union and its institutions than in Polish authorities. 48% of the Poles values the EU positively. This is the highest level in Europe. Polish Member of the European Parliament Sidonia Jędrzejewska elaborated on this during the debate 'Poland and the European Democracy', organised by the Montesquieu Institute and the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw. Together with Polish Leszek Jesień she reflected on Poland and the European democracy in the House of Europe, The Hague.

Leszek Jesień
Sidonia Jędrzejewska
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Leszek Jesień
Sidonia Jędrzejewska en Leszek Jesień
Het publiek luistert aandachtig
Sidonia Jędrzejewska
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Leszek Jesień and Sidonia Jędrzejewska
Introduction by prof. Jesień
Introduction by prof. Jędrzejewska
Debate, moderated by Hans Goslinga