Are the Dutch losing their outward-looking reputation?

The historical reputation of the Netherlands as an outward-looking country with an open and welcoming society is increasingly challenged. Surveys from the last years indicate that the Netherlands is 'expat-unfriendly', show a rise in support of anti-immigrant talk, and the pro-European course of political leaders is no longer taken for granted. Observers speak of a turn toward societal introversion. Is Dutch society really losing its outward-looking reputation?

This question is central in a debate organised by the Montesquieu Institute, bringing together conflicting opinions. These opinions will be represented by Gideon Shimshon (head of the center for Innovation the Hague), Billy Allwood (director and founder of TheHagueOnline) and Adriaan Schout (deputy director of research/Europe at the Institute Clingendael).

‘In its essence the Netherlands is a very liberal and pragmatic country.’ -Adriaan Schout

Van links naar rechts: Arco Timmermans, Billy Allwood, Adriaan Schout en Gideon Shimshon
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Introduction by: Arco Timmermans
Speaker: Billy Allwood
Speaker: Adriaan Schout
Speaker: Gideon Shimshon
Lecture by: Arco Timmermans
Debate with audience and speakers