EU is not a Disneyland

dinsdag 18 februari 2014, 15:05

DEN HAAG (PDC) - In old member states, like the Netherlands, there is a discussion about getting out of the European Union. In new member states, like Croatia, there is a discussion about the price of getting in the EU. 

In new member states, all the democratic structures are there, but developing a European culture takes time, concluded Jan Marinus Wiersma during a debate with Romana Vlahutin on 'Croatia and the European Democracy'. Both speakers agreed that a strong national parliament is important in the EU.

Croatia had a romantic beginning when joining the EU, but hit the ground fast, said Romana Vlahutin, adviser to the president of the Republic of Croatia for Foreign Affairs. The European Union is not a Disneyland, but the EU gives Croatia a framework for changes and reforms. Becoming a EU-member was a realistic choice for Croatia. Croatia joined the EU, as many other EU countries, for security and stability.